Is It Worth Crying For The Past?

Kedesh Golan
3 min readOct 2, 2020


How to live and what to do after COVID-19.

When thinking about how to live and what to do after the coronavirus, public opinion was divided. Someone is expressing concern that we will return to the pre-virus era. And someone wants everything to return, and we began to live as before. What should we do, how to live, and what to do after the coronavirus?

I do not think that we have already passed this period, although many would like to. The coronavirus has not yet done what it has to do: move us forward towards an integral community. We have not yet felt this desire, have not felt it on ourselves. And therefore it is not good if we leave everything like that and return to the previous state.

Before, we thought that soon there would be a third world war, and finally mutilated the Earth: its air, water, oceans, etc. And it turned out that either the Earth would destroy us, or we would destroy it. We had such a hopeless existence that I don’t know why it’s good to live the way we lived.

We lived completely unscheduled, it is not clear why, in the name of what — just to grab for ourselves as much as possible, fly around the world as much as possible, winding kilometers in the air, forgetting from time to time where we had already been.

At the same time, our children remained completely homeless, although each of us has an apartment. And we ourselves are not clear what. We do not understand at all how we exist, for what.

For what? Just to fill our time and be like others. As if someone, somewhere, composes some method of life for us, and we are trying to implement it. Poor, unhappy, confused humanity lives without thinking about anything.

You look at crowds of people at concerts or at other public events and you see no difference between a gathering of people in the 21st century and in the 1st century in the Roman Empire. The same motives, the same tastes: “Bread and circuses”.

We must understand that the previous life was not so cloudless and good that we need to strive for it. What if we now have the opportunity not just to return to a past life, but to correct it in some way. Let’s try this. Let’s try not to discover all the production processes that polluted our nature so much, strangled us, caused many diseases.

Look what has become today with the atmosphere, with water, with the animal and plant world. How much healthier everything was, and how the world sighed with relief when the person calmed down a little. Let’s make nature better. this is our home!

I don’t think we need to cry over the return to the past. Do we want to work, create, have children, develop? — Right. But all the same, all this must be brought to some sort of normal process within the framework in which the ecological and social situation allows us to really be satisfied with ourselves.