With each renewal of the day, Time and time again we have to renew the connection between us and Nature, and from day-to-day we see how Nature renewed the work of creation, meaning it reveals more and more.

The work of creation means — the will to receive imprinted in man that He created and becomes more conspicuous in our lives and although we are not in recognition of this will to receive and now is the time to begin to recognize and understand a little bit about the will to receive especially to receive for one self at the expense of others, maybe then we can learn how to rise above it, we have to unite above the will to receive for one self and this will be called positive human connection that breaks through the iron wall that separate us and it will be called a spiritual vessel where we will begin to feel contact with Nature.

We see how each day Nature raises the level of our will to receive (ego) which causes distance between us, not just between humans, but among the four levels of creations:- still, vegetative, animate and speaking, to the same extent we are deteriorating, declining throughout humanity each day more and more.

This is a process more suitable and best characteristic of the last generation in which we must create a connection between us, we are being summoned by Nature to build a connection between us and out of such connection is to really make contact, acquaintance of all humanity with Nature.

Each day Nature gives us new conditions, new states, each day a little worse than yesterday just as with children, we give them small problems each time so that they will overcome it, the more problems they overcome, the more they grow. This is exactly how we have to see ourselves so we mustn’t give up but understand that we already had experience in life, we gradually advance and develop by learning from our mistakes, this is the only way that we can grow.

We should be grateful that Nature sends obstacles to us each day. In the obstacles sent by Nature, we need to see treatment, which is to try and unite above the disturbances and if we can’t unite above the disturbances then we should check why we can’t unite above disturbances, we should ask how can we succeed in uniting above disturbances? Because in truth, Nature sent us disturbances so that we recognize and see we cannot and in this recognition we will ask the upper Force to be our partner, to help us in building a perfect connection, that we are like little children, when a child wants something but can’t reach the thing because it’s high, he drags the adults over to show him that he wants something up high, so the grown-up gives him what he is asking for. So likewise we should identify and attach ourselves to Nature in every situation that we can’t succeed on our own.

The success of humanity is measured by the establishment of positive connections among themselves, because this is the place where we asked the Creator to help us connect so that connection between us will be successful and love will be revealed all over the world. This is how we should try to see everything in life, then if we approach each moment in our lives in this way then we will see that Nature gives us these opportunities except we previously didn’t pay attention to them we weren’t so focused on them but now that we understand that every moment in our life Nature gives us an opportunity to connect among ourselves and to see that this connection is not successful and that we are asking him to connect us and reveal the connection to such an extent that we will be able to draw upper Force closer to us and in that way we will advance. And then when Nature draw closer and exist in us as a force of bestowal above the force of reception. This will be called “responding to Nature’s call” and that will be where we are heading.



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