Our Fundamental Material Is The Desire To Receive Pleasure

Kedesh Golan
2 min readSep 4, 2020


According to The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Our basic material is the desire to receive pleasure. That which we receive from the Creator, otherwise, we won’t feel that it is receiving. Our entire work is to receive and get pleasure and enjoy. So the method of Kabbalah that we study is called reception, how to receive correctly the pleasure that comes from the Creator.

We receive from the Creator: fulfillment, and this fulfillment exists within the Creator in abundance of many qualities, many characteristics, but in general terms, it is called fulfillment. The yearning of the desire to receive the light from the Creator depends on the carrier of the soul, the correction that the soul passes through also depends on the carrier of the soul, i.e. to the extent that the carrier can give enough strength and force in order to prepare the soul for the reception of this fulfillment.

Thus, the Creator has created a desire to receive. He created it already fulfilled with the upper light and then He started doing all sort of actions to empty it so that this desire to receive would become a creation on its own in order to be able to receive in such a way to be similar to the Creator and become like Him.

The entire creation is a desire, and one would wonder where this desire come from? How is it initiated? What reaction does it have to delight? How can this desire adjust itself and prepare the vessels of reception to receive the light from the Creator by the use of restriction called (screen in Kabbalah). That is the foundation of what we must learn, how to perform this work correctly.

Desire is the material of the entire creation. we can contemplate on this i.e. how can this be? We must know that at vast the Creator has created the desire together with the light and then He restricted it, the light exit and desire was empty and now there is an opportunity for the desire to return and receive the fulfillment that existed before when the Creator created it in a fulfilled way, but it as to be that this desire would attract the light on its own and when this (returning light) exists, this means that the desire is ready to connect with the Creator again.