The Day of Atonement

Kedesh Golan
3 min readSep 28, 2020


In the process of the spiritual work there is a very special state called Yom Kippur, meaning — Day of Atonement which originates from the word (KAPPARAH), correction of all the sins, that is, it is the period one recognizes and understands that he sinned and asks for correction.

It is clear to us that we ourselves can’t correct our sins, since they are not our sins because it all originate from one single source called Upper Force. the Creator created the evil inclination and He alone manage and controls the reality, it written“I created the evil inclination”, and also both evil inclination and it correction come from Him.

This evil inclination dwells in us, it is not our fault that we exist in this evil that makes us think about ourselves and not others, this evil inclination disconnects us from everyone and neither the sins nor the corrections are ours, all come from the Creator, He prepared both evil inclination and its corrections it is written that, “I Created the Evil Inclination, I Created the Spice of Torah” and we exist between these two, our work is to ascribe everything to the Creator, the evil inclination that causes separation and the corrections and we in the middle are those who link and connect the evil inclination and its corrections by us understanding in the feelings of how much both come from the Creator and not that we ascribe anything to ourselves.

In our understanding we want to discover the upper force existing above, in discovery of the upper force, the upper force pulls us above both the evil inclination and its correction, this helps us not to fall under the heresy of ascribing anything to our self, but to ascribe everything to the special force above all.

Thus our attitude to The Day of Atonement is joy and happiness, it is a special day that present the possibility of rising above creation, Beriah, (“the World of Creation”) as He created the evil inclination and the spice of the Torah to rise above Creation and connect to the upper force that is abstract of anything and because of this connection to the upper force, we rise to the good degree and realize that all the evil inclination and all its corrections are coming from one single force, and when we draw the light to the evil inclination and ask to correct it to good, what we ask for is to understand that the degree above everything is the Creator, and we can’t reach him in any other way other than to discover Him in connection regard to all of humanity, for it is written “I dwell among My people”

The Creator is disconnected from the whole of creation, from good or evil, from the lower level, and to attain Him, we can only do it in such a way that we go through all the stages of disconnections between us and to the same extent that we connect between ourselves and from the connection between us, we connect to the Creator and we draw the light of corrections from Him and then we discover Him in the middle line, and the degree to which the created being needs to reach is the place above sin, above punishment, above rewards, that it is not for any reward or punishment that we yearn for the corrections but only that through them we attain the Creator, it is written “Love Covers all Crime”.

These are things that are difficult for us to understand and express, but we need to realize how high we need to ascend above the disconnection that exist among us the created beings and the disconnection that exist from the Creator to His Creation, and all we go through are the preparations only to attain the Creator, the level of pure love, true atonement from evil inclination, to attain one unique and unified, that indeed is His essence above creation. So in order to symbolize this for us, we have this day, (Yom Kippur), the “Day of Atonement”