The End of Correction

Kedesh Golan
3 min readSep 1, 2020


According to The Wisdom of Kabbalah-Ep. #2

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In the beginning, Elohim created HaShamayim (the heavens, Himel) and Haaretz (the earth).

Everything that we speak of concerning spiritual worlds, we speak of a spiritual place, a desire. The Creator created a desire to receive. In this desire to receive, everything came to manifestation. Everything started from one point, i.e. the Creator created a space. Within the space, He begins to build up all of the spiritual definitions, a spiritual place outside of Him that is external to Him and a place where the creature, called desire, can exist and everything that fills those worlds as well.

Ever wonder why is it so that everything the holy books talk about, are things that are not bound by time and space?

There is no time, and there is no place in the spiritual world, what does this mean? It means it is a state within which you cannot speak about time because time is a process that occurs, but in the meantime, nothing is happening; and there is nothing to whom it can be occurring that is concerning time but concerning space that is something.

What is space? Space is an empty place, a particular area within which an action can occur or take place, but for now at that moment there is no space where actions can occur or took place, none of these exist.

The Creator that began all these processes, He started with a place but before that, there was no place, because a ‘place’ is also part of creation. In the meantime, there is nothing, because this speaks about before creation, and only the light of the Creator fills the entire reality.

What Do The Holy Books Speak?

The only discernment we can get out of the above question is that we know for sure if we engage in reading the authentic holy books, we awaken the light upon us, and this light influences us and corrects us, this light is called internal light/inner light. We also awaken the inner illumination, and these are related to discernment within our desires. It is required that one place himself in an environment that works towards the same goal, same purpose i.e. love and bestow.

Furthermore, in the process of study, we awaken the light of wisdom (Hochma) clothing in the light of Hassadim (understanding). There is the light of Hochma, and there is the light of Hassadim one in another, in other words in the spiritual structure there is the light of Hassadim, and it is called “smallness”. It is not an intense light compared to the light of Hochma, but the light of Hassadim gives life force, and if the light of Hochma enters the vessel of Hassadim, one in another, Hochma in Hassadim, then it begins to feel this light and then begins to act. Such state of spiritual engulfment where Hochma exists in Hassadim is called “big state.”

Everything Depends on Desire.

Everything depends on the desire that is within the receiver. The Creator created only desire. All of the abundant pleasure that the Creator wishes to bestow upon His creation can only enter as much as they want it. As much as they prepare a perfect vessel for the reception of light, they receive this light that fulfills them and gives them a good sensation, a good understanding and life force and everything depends on the desire of the receiver.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches only how we can use this desire and increase this desire and to unify this desire with the Creator’s desire to fill us until we are capable of receiving the full light of infinity that comes to us from the Creator, from the upper light, from the source of the light without any limitations, and from our perspective, this will be called “the end of correction” the final state of all souls.

We can receive everything that comes from the Creator and with all the conditions that He has created for us. To Be Cont’d…