The Expression of Our Desire to Attain Spirituality

The Creator created vessel of Ein Sof, and He fill this vessel with the Light of Ein Sof, in this state (He and His name are one) and He exist and do not change, but the changes occurs only towards us the creature because the light disappears and the vessel became empty.

The will to receive is the foundation of our soul, but the soul is the will to receive which is corrected in a manner that it looks like the Creator and resembles the Creator, then it is called a complete developed soul.

We undergo series of studies in the wisdom of connection to merit entrance into spirituality alongside the process of our earthly existence, then we would realize that everything is going according to the plan and purpose of creation, but these series of studies can only be achieve in the society of friends which study the wisdom of connection between themselves in order to reach same goal, meaning, the gathering of friends which take upon themselves the burden of the kingdom of heaven by the means of (Love of friend).

The reason for the creation of the world is for the Creator to reveal Himself, to bring out His perfection, His actions and His name, to reveal Himself as much as possible towards His creation. The Creator does not want to remain hidden, but to be revealed towards all the creatures until each and every detail is revealed.

The qualities in each individual changes by what the kabbalist called (The Reforming Light) meaning the light that correct ones desire which affect us, meaning we want to be together in one desire, the desire in each and everyone of us is different, but when we connect to one source then our desire interlock and they become one desire and this is how we attain spirituality.

A single desire that was created is shattered to a lot of pieces of desires and our goal is based on wanting to connect all the shattered desires back into one single source as it was before shattering, this goal can only be achieved among a group of people that agreed to work together above their differences and want to achieve same goal and one action in connection with similar desire in the society called (a point in the heart). In such a society one goal and one action connects them all to reach the Creator called (He and His name are One) by the means of (He His good that does good) Love.



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