The Secret of Life

The search for life’s meaning has produced much philosophical, scientific, theological, and metaphysical speculation throughout history. Different people and cultures believe different things for the answer to this question.

The meaning of life as we perceive it is derived from philosophical and religious contemplation, and scientific inquiries about existence, alongside this, there are a number of theories about the way in which humans evaluate the positive and negative aspects of their existence and thus the value and meaning they place on their lives

By Nature we all come from one system where we were all interconnected, in each of us there is this inner point that is connected to all the rest of the point of people at all times in a single system, and this is the connection that we have to nourish through it.

If by nature we’re all interconnected in one system, then we need to ask ourselves why do people have so many difficulties in social interactions with each other?

The reason is because after we connect this force into one single system, and we are once again in connection between each other like a ball, we also receive added egoism, this egoism is in form of mutual hate towards each other, and when this hate appears, it blew this ball up and as if we’re all dispersed from each other in all directions.

And therefore, we have to be interconnected in a good and nice way with each other by ties of utter love, all of us, this where our life is, the connection between you and me, that is where life is.

And if we think about it, we’ve already have some kind of access to the “Secret of Life”



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