The Wondrous Wisdom of Kabbalistic Books

Kedesh Golan
2 min readSep 18, 2020


The mystery found in kabbalistic books are fascinating because all of its content, expressions and how the writings were arranged express nothing of this world. Not a single word of any kabbalistic book refers to anything in this world, the text only refers to the forces above which create and sustain the things that happens in this world, and so kabbalist use a special language that would indicate what they were really speaking about and only a student who would attain some certain wisdom would be able to understand and hear the hidden message inside the text.

Our reality as a whole is structured in such a way that there is a world that exists above, and a world that exists below, and the language of branches point to what exists in the world below.

Let say kabbalist wrote that:- (a family will move to a location called the land) but in reality, kabbalist are not speaking about a physical family that moves, but rather they speak about the abstract forces above which causes the movement to happen in this world and only a wise student can understand what is really going on here, on the abstract level which cause the movement, this is the branch level and the root level is the force that causes the movement of the family from one place to another location on the branch level, so unless a person learns how to read and understand keys to this language called the language of branches, they would continue to see things as they exists in this world.

So, as a result of those two aspects of hiddenness of kabbalah and also because of the lack of contact with the authentic lineage and the real methodology, people still needed to know what kabbalah is all about they begin to fantasize, they make concussion of things and gone according to what they could understand without the correct teaching and without the proper inner properties that would allow them to understand, so a lot of mystic grew up.

Kabbalah is neither a religion nor mysticism, kabbalah predict religion, religion is a phenomenon of disconnection from the upper force, of speculations and a miss-understanding of kabbalah, even though religion have a form of similarities with it because, kabbalist created the books and traditions and it all came from them, but the purpose and meaning of those writings were hidden away from the masses.