There is No Point Trying To Picture All The Allegories in The Holy Books.

Kedesh Golan
3 min readAug 29, 2020


According to The Wisdom of Kabbalah. — EP.1

The Book of Zohar, “VaYikra,” item 73: All the sacrifices are male and female, since the sacrifice is above the heart, which is about the thought that is above the heart. And it shall be known what is about the heart, which means the thought.

The thought that is clever is considered a male, and the heart is considered a female, Bina, the heart understands that it receives from Hochma and because the sacrifice rises upwards, it is all male.

There is no point trying to picture all the allegories in the Torah (the sacrifice, the fire, the smoke, etc.) according to corporeal concepts. Everything has to be above the thought, and the thought is totally abstract.

This refers to inner emotional corrections only, which a person performs on his desires and his intentions, and nothing more. The Torah doesn’t oblige us to perform these actions on the physical level.

We know that in the last days of the second Temple, people did everything that is written in the Torah very enthusiastically and even burnt poor animals, but did not engage in inner correction, so the second temple was destroyed. The same thing happened with the first Temple, which was on an even higher spiritual level.

This is how the complete fall of humanity to the corporeal level gradually happened, and the inner correction gave way to mechanical actions.

We shouldn’t take all the instructions in the Torah literally, because if it says that we have to eat the sacrifices, it means that we have to receive the Light of Hochma, the Light of wisdom in the corrected desires, and not that we should literally eat meat.

The allegories in the Torah are so confusing for a person who is not prepared that they summon totally different images and feelings in him that are related to our material world. The transition from this language to the real meaning of the Torah, that speaks only about spiritual actions, is a great problem.

The Language of The Branches

Kabbalah has developed its own language. It is called “the language of the branches.” The reason for this is that nothing in our world happens accidentally. On the contrary, everything was created by the governing force and the governing force governs with purpose and intention. The universe, still, vegetative, animate, and speaking, all that has happened, that is happening, and that will ever happen comes from the Creator, passes through all the spiritual worlds and manifests in our world.

One of the spiritual worlds according to the wisdom of kabbalah is known as the world of Atzilut. Atzilut is like a brain, as without its command, nothing ever happens in our world, nothing, not a single thought or action, absolutely nothing… as it is written, “not an insect crawls” or “a blade of grass moves” without His bidding. Our universe, which can be likened to a giant computer, is governed by the world of Atzilut. To Be Contd…