Who Am I?

Kedesh Golan
3 min readOct 30, 2020


A person’s “I” is outside of a person because if a person asks about his “I” it’s already a question coming from the human level because a beast doesn’t ask those questions — a dog, a cat doesn’t have worries and concerns like who am I? What am I? What is going to happen to me? It means that these questions come from a level higher than the bodily level and thus they’re already on the human not yet spiritual but already a human level and if a person develops that question, he eventually comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah for sure and it could take dozens or thousands of years of development but eventually, he comes to the gist of the question of WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?” What is the origin of life? What is the purpose of life? And if a person researches these things to their depth in a truthful manner and he doesn’t let himself get confused and agreed to different theories and faith and religions and some beliefs along the way but he really researches it down to its root and to achieve a true answer it comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah and get tools as to how to achieve the root of life and precisely there he finds his “I” and his “I” is inside the Creator, inside the upper force from where we all cascaded into our reality and in order to find the “I”, I have to find the Creator and then to the extent which I find Him I find my “I” together with the Creator.

Where is the Creator? In our current perception, we can’t sense the Creator’s existence, therefore the Creator does not exist. The Creator exists to the extent to which I can identify Him, use Him, and only in that way He exists.

There are people in our world who says “there is no God” we don’t believe, we don’t feel, it is all nonsense they say “I live in a world which is godless, and there are people who say no, I think there is something and also they don’t exactly know they don’t exactly understand or feel but they have a kind of inclination to believe that there is something that exists.

There are people who are kabbalists, why are they called kabbalists? Because they get this revelation of the Creator of the upper force and for them, the Creator exists they work with the upper force they are really in contact with the upper force, so only towards the person that reveals and works with this upper force the Creator thus exists and towards others, it does not exists, towards others, there is just Nature.

Whereas there are such people who discover an even higher force because they’ve changed themselves accordingly by the wisdom of kabbalah and they discover a power from the higher level and they also called it Nature or the Creator, meaning everything is with respect to man whether if it exists or it doesn’t exists or it is the Creator or Nature however you want to called it but its all respect to man.