Why is it so hard for humans to express exactly the way they feel?

The world of emotions and feelings are world beyond what human developed spoken language could reach, that is why it is called Abstract world. Abstract world are the cause of everything we express in our physical world in forms of desires that manifest through our thoughts, thus it is very difficult to clothe our feelings in our human spoken language, that makes it difficult to always express exactly the way we feel.

Nature like a skillful judge, pushes us from behind through the phases of evolution according to our development. For we can see that to the extent that humankind develops, the pains and torments obtaining our sustenance and existence also multiply.

Nature demands from us to observe with all our might the actions of how we threat each other, we can only best express our feelings towards each other in actions that promote love and bestowal upon others in utter precision, in such a way that no member from among human society would work any less than the measure required to secure the happiness of society and its success. As long as we fail to express feelings of love towards one another to the fullest, and actions that promote the success of the general society, nature will not stop punishing us and take its revenge.

And besides the suffering we suffer today, we must also consider the drawn sword for the future. The right conclusion must be drawn — that nature will ultimately defeat us and we will all be compelled to join hands in dancing to the tune of nature urging us to find the common ground among ourselves in such a simple and nice way with all the measure required of us.

To best express our feelings and live happily, we must come to the realization that one does not live for oneself alone, but for the whole chain of humanity. Thus, each and every part of the chain must know how just one action from an individual add value positively or to the reverse negatively.



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